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One Coin

Main Product: 
Digital Coin
Mining (mining for profits)
Business type: 
network marketing 
Start packs: 
infinitytriple 5premium tradertycoon traderexecutive traderpro tradertraderstrater 
Suitable for traders and also for those with an opportunity vision

About the system:

  1. First you have to register: if you are a beginner is important to oppen an accout as a Starter - you will have the opportunity to pay only 140 $ in the begining by buying your first 1000 tokeins
  2. The siystem is set only to go up, not down with your incomes, depends on you how much you want to make
  3. Once you have your tokens those will wotk for you in 2 directions: first (once your split barometer rich the 100% yourincome is upgraded) and second (once your difficulty increase barometer shows your percentage of difficulty status, that will be the level of your upgrade)
  4. The system is actualy very simple, and comes with yourdashboard after your registration
  5. The mining system has a period of time till those barometers rich the upgrades of your income and all is done an came with more income for you if your team es full
  6. You must have a minimum of 4 subscribers in your team (derect and acctive)
  7. You  also get money for every member added toyour network and get payed for your this every month
About the product:
  1. OneCoin is a digital coin, and as a digital trade coin represents a new value to count
  2. OneCoin grows only up and get much stronger every time when the token you have are more and more
  3. OneCoin is based on how meny token you have... and as long as you increase your tokens you gane more and more OneCoins wich grows up and up on the trade market over $...
  4. If your values based on those 2 barometers are big, One Coin get stronger and gives you big income
  5. One Coin was created to be an alternative on the money trade market
  6. Get more coins, get more income
If you are the One, if you want Coins, 
If you want to get 500 dolars in the first moth, 
and more and more moth after month 

Your oppinion about passive income online