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luni, 13 iunie 2016

World Ventures

Main Product: 
Travel Saver Pocket
Travel Piggy Bank 
(save money for your dream trips)
Business type: 
network marketing 
Start packs: 
see costs and fees for this here
Suitable for travelers and also for those with an opportunity vision

Please take a look and see a presentation of the opportunity wright here

Can you answer to this first 4 simple questions?
  1. Do you like to travel?
  2. Do you want go go in a trip or hiliday with almost no costs? 
  3. If yes: Where? What is your favourite place in the world you want to go/visit?
  4. If this dream will become real, and if you have an opportunity to go almost free, are you join a community of people that can make this dream comes true?

First things first: See here about the business

About the system:
  1. join the system by select your pack entry: this gives you a dashboard, acces to training system and your online team acctivity
  2. joining the system means first to pay the tax for the packege and a specific fee as a first set for your piggy bank for the dream trip (money you do not lose, just deposit it for first instalment)
  3. build your team: minimum of 4 members (direct by you and active)
  4. you will get 50 $ for each member you bring into the system
  5. you will get dream trip points with each of your activities
  6. the points can be convertet into money and money into points
  7. the money are for your network marketing income and the points are used to buy dream trips direct from the system (the dreap trips are convenient and cheap holidays for good conditions)
  8. once you have the 4 team members in your network the company deposit the money in your travel piggy bank in stad of you every month, so do not wory about pay any more for your fees, the company gives you the money for that only because you recomand the system to other persons.
  9. you gain money then by the power of the sistem every month
  10. train your subscribers and keep in touch with your upline

About the service:
  1. this opportunity is fast growing because of a simple service: dream trips with almost no costs
  2. why? because helps us to build a travel piggy bank step by step
  3. onece you want to go in a trip or in a holiday, you pick your dreap trip from the dream trip accout company offers to you and pay for it with points you gain
  4. if a trip costs for example 400 points and you have 350, you have more to pay 50 point by convert your money from your account or by paying from your bank account, so that your trip cost you in the edn only few $ or even nothing at all
  5. you can get for the service you pay a 5 stars holiday for 3 stars costs with much mor other benefits
  6. you go in a trip, make pictures with the message: you should be here, and post those pictures on the website to see everyone that it is possible.
  7. also, if you are a member of the system you use the services of of it, not others

Official online webb aplication 

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