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luni, 13 iunie 2016

Organo Gold

Main Product: Coffe
Concept: Coffee Club (like & share coffee)
Business type: network marketing 
Start packs: bronzesilvergold 
8 types of commisions: weekly, monthly, yearly, team, network, special
Suitable for consummers and also for those with an opportunity vision

About the system:

  1. Reserve a place in the team: buy the online market (only one life time, gives you the opportunity to became a member)
  2. Buy a pack: contains different products depending of type - gives you the opportunity to become a partner, buy the products at half price, gain loyality points (later transformed into money or used for other opportunity and beneffits from the company), have set a high level of percent discount from all products depending of the packege (broze 10%, silver 15% and gold 20% - percentage that gives you also the comissions from your activity as member of the team - see your dashboard after you join me); from the begining gold members packege becomes founders of the system and comes with more other beneffits 
  3. Build a team: minimum 2 members - direct by you and active
  4. Train yourself and train your members: keep in touch with your upline all the time for this activity 
  5. Be active: in Coffe Clubs CC and Coffe Meatings CM, bring new members to see the opportunity and give them a chance to see whats happening
  6. Recomande: like and share the products all the time
  7. Use the products of your business not from other companies in order to grow your business
About the product:

  1. Suluble coffee: different typs (mocha, black, late, king) and Hot Chocolate
  2. Tea: green, red and black 
  3. Healthy coffe: alcalin + integrator (ganoderma luci) - good for limphatic and nervos system easy to assimilate, no gastric acidity and increases immunity
  4. After effects: enough energy vor all day, good sleep, no gastric pain, no headache (all positive)
  5. Boxes: the product comes in boxes of 30, 20 & 15 bags of coffe/tea/hot chocolate
  6. One bag of coffee/tea/hot chocolate = enough for a strong, conssistent and good content 
If you are the one who want to earn 
more then 300 euros per month 
only spending 2 hours a day


Your oppinion about passive income online